Friday, December 14, 2007

The Morality Of Waterboarding

Well I see the Legacy Media has worked itself into another pro-jihadist lather over the fact that some Al Queda thug whose name I refuse to waste bits writing was waterboarded in order to get him to reveal the details of some imminent attacks on innocent men, women, and children.

It seems that the CIA has 'admitted' to using the technique of waterboarding exactly 3 times over the past 6 years. The total amount time these subhuman scum were actually being 'tortured' was something less than 2 minutes. It also seems that the use of this technique disrupted multiple terrorist plots and saved an absolutely inestimable number of lives.

So of course the denizens of the Legacy Media Chattering Classes have almost universally condemned the practice as 'torture'. The American allies of Al Queda, most notably the entire leadership of the Democrat Party, are up in arms and are in fact sponsoring legislation to make the use of this technique illegal.

Well I'm going to make an unapologetic defense of the practice.

Waterboarding is a perfectly appropriate, ethical, and moral practice when used to obtain information that will prevent innocent people from being slaughtered. And I'll go one step farther and say that not using such techniques is what's immoral.

Anyone, and I do mean anyone, making the argument that us using such techniques somehow makes us morally equivalent to terrorists is a dangerous fool. What differentiates us, and by us I mean Americans, using waterboarding and related techniques from some banana Republic thug using them is this: We aren't using it to subjugate people, we're using them to save innocent lives. We're not waterboarding political dissidents. We're waterboarding admitted terrorist thugs who are in the process of actively planning and carrying out acts of mass murder.

Anyone who can't see this crucial distinction is as morally blind as a shit house rat.

A few years ago in Beslan, Russia a gang of islamist killers took over an elementary school which they had spent months smuggling explosives and weapons into. They burst in, took hundreds of teachers and children hostage, and threatened to execute them all if their demands were not met.

After a lengthy period of time without food, water, or any humanitarian considerations at all a young girl asked one of her captors if she could use the bathroom. The captor drew his weapon and shot her through the head, killing her. He then turned to the rest of the terrified captives, smiled, and asked if anyone else needed to use the bathroom.

Now you tell me. If it were your child were in that building and you had access to a captured but thoroughly uncooperative member of that gang of terrorists who knew a way into that building and was refusing to talk that you wouldn't be reaching for the blow torch and pliers yourself.

If you spout such nonsense in my direction I'll call you a liar to your face. Then I'll challenge you to look into your child's eyes and tell him or her that you'd let him or her be murdered rather than muss up some Al Queda thugs hair. Or if you're a married man, as am I, look at your wife and tell her the same thing.

I'll bet the next sound you hear will be her packing up herself and your kids so she can leave your worthless, morally bankrupt backside in the dust behind her.

Anyone making the argument that waterboarding terrorist killers is 'immoral' and that it would be more ethical to let innocent people be slaughtered is both morally and ethically bankrupt. They've just told you that they'd stand idly by while innocent men, women, and children were slaughtered in order for them to have some false sense of morality.

Such people are not to be trusted with the sharp scissors, let alone the safety and security of a Nation.